Belgrade – Eating Out

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Serbian cuisine is a reflection of the historical circumstances this country has been exposed to throughout the centuries – a combination of various culinary influences prepared in an entirely unique and original way.The food served in restaurants is healthy and completely organic – with no genetically modified products or artificial flavourings, and the portions tend to be large. Most meals are prepared with a considerable amount of meat, and served with a variety of vegetables. Home-cooked meals tend to be more spicy.

A kafana (bistro) is an authentic Belgrade restaurant. The first ever kafana in Belgrade (and Europe) was opened by the Turks at the end of the 16th century, in the Dorćol section of the city.

The kafana differs from a standard restaurant in the following ways: ordering food is not obligatory – you can come for only a drink, no scornful looks will be thrown your way if you dip your bread in the grilled meat juice or rest your elbows on the table, loud laughter and emotional outbursts are normal occurrences, the guests address the waiters by their first names, the food is good but never exceptional, and tables are often pushed together for purposes of socialising…

Traditional kafanas are losing ground to industrial catering facilities and are gradually declining in number.


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